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Academic Video Online
AVON is a streaming video platform providing more than 79,000 titles spanning a wide range of subject areas, including anthropology, business, history, music, and more. The platform allows users to to organize and bookmark clips, create and share playlists, personalize folders, and manage their entire collection. 
AccessAnesthesiology can help students excel in their clerkship; assist residents in strengthening their skills with instant access to procedural videos, self-assessment, and leading anesthesiology textbooks that will establish a solid base for learning; allow practicing anesthesiologists to reinforce their medical knowledge for recertification; and provide CRNAs with an important foundation in their career.
AccessSurgery provides medical students with a variety of resources needed to excel in their surgery clerkship; assists residents in gaining instant access to videos, self-assessment, and leading surgical textbooks that will establish an important foundation for learning; and allows practicing surgeons to brush up on their medical knowledge when studying for their Maintenance of Certification Exam.
Alexander Street
Alexander Street provides an online platform for discipline-focused primary source collections, websites, and streaming media aimed at learning and research in a wide variety of fields. Currently accessible content includes over 900,000 albums, 2600 videos, and and nearly 47,000 text documents.
Alexander Street Video
Alexander Street Video allows users to cross-search all of the videos published by Alexander Street Press. There are currently over 2600 videos available in a wide variety of fields ranging from world history to cooking.
Ambrose Video
Ambrose Video provides streaming educational content in a variety of disciplines. The University of Miami currently has access to over 30 videos in the BBC Shakespeare Play collection and the entire Long Search series, a discussion of the basic beliefs of the world's major religions.
American Memory: Historical Collections for the National Digital Library
The American Memory project of the Library of Congress National Digital Library Program digitizes distinctive, historical Americana holdings at the Library of Congress, including photographs, full-text manuscripts and rare books, maps, recorded sound and moving pictures. To achieve its goal, this unique public-private program, also works in cooperation with members of the Digital Library Federation and other libraries and archives throughout the United States. For example, digital collections from the LC/Ameritech Digital Library Competition are included.
Bates Visual Guide to Physical Examination
Now in its 5th edition and featuring completely reshot content and new clinical skills videos, Bates Visual Guide delivers head-to-toe and systems-based physical examination techniques for the (Advanced) Assessment or Introduction to Clinical Medicine course. The site features more than 8 hours of video content.
Dance Online: Dance in Video
Includes over 900 hours of video content covering the full scope of 20th and 21st Century dance, including performances, documentaries, interviews, and instructional videos from the most influential performers and companies. Selections cover ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, experimental, and improvisational dance, as well as forerunners of the forms and the pioneers of modern concert dance.
Digital Theatre + Plus
Digital Theatre+ is the world’s leading educational platform for English and the Performing Arts, providing  students with access to 600+ theatre productions and educational resources. Digital Theatre+ collaborates with renowned theatre companies, actors and creatives to capture live performances in stunning quality and bring you insights from behind the scenes.
Ethnographic Video Online
Ethnographic Video Online provides over 2000 hours of film, including documentaries, primary source footage, and select feature films for the visual study of human culture and behavior. is about ideas and inspiration. It links you to 50 million digital items from Europe's museums and galleries, archives, libraries, and audio-visual collections. includes images - paintings, drawings, maps, photos and pictures of museum objects; Texts - books, newspapers, letters, diaries and archival papers; Sounds - music and spoken word from cylinders, tapes, discs and radio broadcasts; Videos - films, newsreels and TV broadcasts.
Feature Films for Education
Feature Films for Education is a digital video streaming platform that offers hundreds of full-length feature films for educational purposes; focusing on both current and hard-to-find titles, the collection includes literary adaptions, blockbusters, classics, foreign films, and more. Recommend Chrome browser.
Films On Demand: Master Academic Package
Films On Demand is a digital video streaming service that provides educational content from a wide range of subject areas with an especially good selection of foreign films. This collection contains more than 38,000 titles in dozens of subject areas, and the platform allows users to to organize and bookmark clips, create and share playlists, personalize folders, and manage their entire collection. 
The Financial Times Digital
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News and analysis covering business, innovation, politics, trends and more.
First World War Portal
The First World War portal makes available invaluable primary sources for the study of the Great War, brought together in four thematic modules. From personal collections and rare printed material to military files, artwork and audio-visual files, content highlights the experiences of soldiers, civilians and governments on both sides of a conflict that shook the world.
FMG Archival Films & Newsreels Collection
With over 13150 video clips and 5000-plus full-length videos, this collection is a treasure trove of archival and historical films from multiple sources.
Food Studies Online
Food Studies Online is the first database offering in one place the most relevant and valuable materials in this new and exciting area. It will include works about how food shapes and defines people's lives through the eyes of philosophers, historians, scientists, sociologists, artists, anthropologists, activists, physicists, psychologists, chefs, and many other important researchers.
Forage Virtual Experience Programs for Skill-Building & Career Exploration
Note: This database is an open-access resource, complete with certifcations and real work experience. 
Complete free virtual experience programs posted by industry-leading organizations across the world to build valuable career skills and get a taste of industry experience via short, real-world, company-backed online projects.
Heritage Broadcasting Service
Note: This database is a trial.
Heritage Broadcasting Service (HBS, or Heritage) is a subscription video-on-demand platform developed by Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in Eugene, Oregon, USA. Founded in 1999, ALI produces The Archaeology Channel, our streaming-media website launched in 2000 and still streaming free video and audio programming. We created the Heritage platform to deliver premium content in keeping with our nonprofit mission to tell the human story through compelling media applications. Heritage films are on diverse cultural-heritage topics and produced by some of the most innovative and skilled storytellers in the world today.
Hit Songs Deconstructed
Hit Songs Deconstructed provides unparalleled insight into the inner-workings of a current chart-topping hit. Each song report includes a combination of commentary, charts, graphs, and notation. Among the many areas covered are song structure, energy, genres and influences, instruments and accompaniment, harmony, vocal production and melody, lyrics, rhymes, narrative, Top 10 benchmarking and more. These reports also feature a companion downloadable Logic PRO X Project with the correct meter, tempo and song arrangement displayed as empty MIDI regions for each instrument.
Inventing Entertainment: the Early Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of the Edison Companies
Inventing Entertainment, by the Library of Congress, provides access to motion pictures and sound recordings, as well as photographs and articles, related to Thomas Edisons inventions and innovations in recording technology.
Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE)
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Peer reviewed scientific video journal with subscribed content in the following areas: Biology, Cancer Research, Immunology & Infection, Medicine, and Neuroscience.
Kanopy is a video streaming service that provides students and educators access to a large database of over 30,000 films--including award-winning documentaries, training films, indie and foreign films, must-see classics, and blockbuster movies. Films are activated on-demand for faculty and graduate students.
Latin America in Video
Latin America in Video offers quality original language documentaries from some of the most important producers and independent filmmakers in Latin America. The films were produced in Latin America, by Latin Americans, about Latin American issues, such as cultural identity, political history, human rights, popular culture, agribusiness, education, religion, and much more. It brings a comprehensive, exclusive and unique perspective on the region to any library.
LinkedIn Learning
Offers over 42,000 how-to videos on a wide-range of software applications, from Microsoft Word and Adobe Photoshop to Final Cut Studio.
The world's leading classical music channel, broadcasts more than 100 live events are each year, in partnership with the world's most prestigious venues, opera houses, festivals and competitions.'s library features over 1,800 programs (3,000 original works), including: concerts and archived historical concerts; operas; ballets; documentaries, artist portraits and educational programs; and master classes.
Music and Performing Arts from Alexander Street
Music and Performing Arts consists of multiple music and performing arts databases, including American Song, Classical Music Library, Classical Scores Library, Dance in Video, Jazz Music Library, Popular Music Library, Contemporary World Music, and Smithsonian Global Sound for Libraries.
Music in the Afghan North
This website presents fieldwork and publication materials from Mark Slobin's research in Afghanistan.... Still photography, moving picture clips, and sound clips accompany the written text.
NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)
Earthquake engineering e-library access to searchable databases, archives, images and reports resources.
National Theatre Collection 1 and 2
Now complete and consisting of 30 videos, National Theatre Collection 1 pulls from 10 years of NT Live broadcasts as well as high-quality recordings never previously seen outside of the NT's Archive to make this rich body of work available to the widest possible audience. National Theatre Collection 2 has added a further 20 videos.
New York Times Digital Edition
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Digital edition of The New York Times.
O'Reilly for Higher Education
With more than 35,000 e-books and 30,000 hours of video, O'Reilly for Higher Education is a dynamic learning platform designed to keep users at the forefront of business and technology.
Popular Culture in Britain and America, 1950-1975
The resource allows users to study this exciting period using manuscript and rare printed material as well as photographs, ephemera and memorabilia. The interactive chronology, extensive visual resources and video footage provide valuable contextual background to the materials included in this collection.
Ragtime, by the Library of Congress, presents a selection of sheet music, audio and video recordings, and other materials related to this uniquely American musical phenomenon.
Sage Business Cases
Note: This database is a trial and will end on March 16th.
Sage Business Cases is the robust digital collection of business cases tailored to library needs - providing faculty, students, and researchers with unlimited access to more than 6,150 authoritative cases from over 120 countries. Sage curates interdisciplinary cases on in-demand subjects such as entrepreneurship, accounting, healthcare management, leadership, social enterprise, and more. The Sage collection of library resources has been created to foster the needed skills and strategy for transformative business research. 
SAGE Research Methods
Note: Additional content has been added to this database as a trial. The trial will end on 12/31/23.
SAGE Research Methods is an online tool for research designed to guide users through every step of the research process. It includes more than 1000 books, reference works, journal articles, and instructional videos by world-leading academics from across the social sciences, while the Methods Map is meant to help find the best research technique, with answers that range from a quick answer found in a dictionary to case studies, teaching datasets, and full-text titles.
Swank Digital Campus
Streaming videos primarily of classic and modern Hollywood films. Additional films may be available upon request by faculty for course reserves.
The Wall Street Journal Online
Published since 1889, the Wall Street Journal covers U.S. and world news, as well as politics, arts, culture, and more. The online version includes streaming news, interactive options, video features, blogs, and more traditional content.
World Cinema Collection
With over 1000 films from around the world including the best of the silent era, groundbreaking international directors, masterpieces from the mid-20th century, and more contemporary works, this collection provides insight into the history of cinema as well as the cultures and issues of countries worldwide.
LinkedIn Learning
LinkedIn Learning

Tutorials just a click away. We offer access to LinkedIn Learning's 5,000 video tutorials covering business, creative, and technology topics.

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