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American Fiction 1774-1920
This collection contains more than 17,800 titles of prose fiction written by Americans from colonial times to the early twentieth century, gathering an extensive archive of content in one place and a consistent format that allows for exploration of the works in the context of history.
Cuban Culture and Cultural Relations, 1959- Part 2: Writers
The Cuban Culture and Cultural Relations, 1959- resource from Brill is a primary-source collection that documents the literary, intellectual and cultural milieu of Revolutionary Cuba. Sourced from the archives of the Casa de las Américas in Havana, it provides unprecedented access to files covering more than a thousand writers, thinkers and artists from Cuba and abroad.
Diction Police
 "Our mission is to provide signers with a comprehensive set of tools for the study and application of lyric diction. Our philosophy centers on hearing the sounds of foreign languages delivered by native speakers who are also professional singers or coaches with a practical understanding of the intricacies of singing language"--The Diction Police homepage.

Includes text readings of songs and arias by native speakers, phonetic transcription (IPA), translations into several languages, video tutorials, podcasts, webinars, diction tips, and diction lessons
Digital Scholar Lab
Note: Users are required to log in via Google or Microsoft account.
Gale's Digital Scholar Lab is a cloud-based research environment that allows users to apply language processing tools to raw text data (OCR) from Gale primary source content in a single research platform.
Digital Theatre +
Digital Theatre+ is the world’s leading educational platform for English and the Performing Arts, providing over 3 million students, within over 1000 schools, colleges and universities, across 65 countries, with access to 600+ theatre productions and educational resources. Digital Theatre+ collaborates with renowned theatre companies, actors and creatives to capture live performances in stunning quality and bring you insights from behind the scenes. is an integrated print-digital news source spanning multiple platforms, including print, online, and mobile. includes the editorial-content channels Education Week Teacher, EdWeek Market Brief, and Digital Directions as well as the TopSchoolJobs job board. The site also provides 30-plus years of Education Week online archives and also hosts approximately 50 news and opinion blogs, along with annual reports, story packages, surveys, and the Education Counts database.
Hit Songs Deconstructed
Hit Songs Deconstructed provides unparalleled insight into the inner-workings of a current chart-topping hit. Each song report includes a combination of commentary, charts, graphs, and notation. Among the many areas covered are song structure, energy, genres and influences, instruments and accompaniment, harmony, vocal production and melody, lyrics, rhymes, narrative, Top 10 benchmarking and more. These reports also feature a companion downloadable Logic PRO X Project with the correct meter, tempo and song arrangement displayed as empty MIDI regions for each instrument.
International Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies
Including over 250 entries in 11 sections, the International Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies is a unique reference guide and resource on the rapidly growing and evolving field of journalism scholarship, providing credible and timely information on its key concepts, theories, and methodologies.
Musical Theater Songs draws from 150 years of musical theater repertoire, ranging from well-known standards to rare finds to help you find the right songs quickly and easily. Its  easy-to-use interface lets you enter up to 20-plus parameters (voice type, character age, etc.) to generate a list of songs tailored to your needs from an ever-growing database. As an added feature, once you get your list of titles, we link you to various sites to make it simple to buy, rent, trade or download the sheet music and recordings (subject to availability).


Nikkei Asian Review
Nikkei Asian Review provides news coverage and insights on Asia's most influential companies as well as thorough coverage of the region's politics, economy, markets, and trends.
Oxford Bibliographies Online - Hinduism
Oxford Bibliographies Online (OBO) Hinduism is designed to help find reliable sources of information within books, websites, archives, or data sets. Each entry receives multiple peer-reviews as well as Editorial Board approval.
Recent Researches in Music Online
Recent Researches in Music Online is a collection of critical performing editions of music in seven series. The series fall into two basic categories: editions that span the history of Western music, and editions with ties to specific cultural milieus. Most editions in Recent Researches in Music are devoted to works by a single composer or in a single genre.

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