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Comments from 2020

1 Hi, the grey swivel chairs in the 1st floor Flexible Learning Commons are uncomfortable - they recline too far back and too easily. You either have to sit straight-backed with no support or reclined at 45 degrees. I would like if they are replaced, perhaps by the orange/green cushioned swivel chairs in the Math/Writing Lab space. I prefer the ones with armrests. Thanks

Comment on Thu Jan 23, 2020, 2:30 pm

Thank you for your comment regarding the chairs in the Flexible Program Spaces at the Learning Commons. Having such feedback will aid us with future plans for furnishing these spaces. We provide a variety of seating options on the floor to meet a range of work preferences, and if you need assistance with locating a seat that better meets your needs at the time, please visit the Learning Commons Consultation Zone Service Point for support.  Happy studying!

Answered by Roxane Pickens, Director, Learning Commons

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