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Comments from 2019

1 So many students and I, encountered many insect in the graduate commons, from ants, flies, mosquitos, to big spiders. It is very disturbing while studying for finals, having to fight with mosquitos and protect yourself from spiders.

Comment on Wed May 8, 2019, 10:19 pm

We're sorry to hear that your studies have been disturbed by insects.   I've submitted a Facilities work order to have the Graduate Commons fumigated as soon as possible.   Please don't hesitate to contact us immediately if you see insects anywhere in the Libraries.   Contacting one of the supervisors at the Richter Front Desk is probably the quickest way to get attention to these kind of matters, but you are also welcome to email me directly at :

Answered by Cheryl Gowing, Associate Dean, Library Information Systems & Access

2 During finals Graduate Commons has been very noisy. There is a bunch of people who have been using the area as a group study. There are multiple people occupying rooms, slamming doors, and talking loudly with no consideration of others. Currently there's this guy constantly knocking on room 8 and talking to the occupant there and being disruptive.

Comment on Thu May 2, 2019, 2:06 pm

We're sorry to hear that fellow students are not respecting the Graduate Commons quiet zone and prohitibiton of group study within the space.   We will add signage within the room to reiterate the need for quiet study.   We do have someone walk the floor hourly, but will add to the number of patrols during the remainder of the finals period.  

If you do find that someone in the Graduate Commons is not respecting the quiet study zone, please email our Access Services Department at :  and someone should respond quickly.

Answered by Cheryl Gowing, Associate Dean, Library Information Systems & Access

3 The library should have a noise police on second floor- quiet study area. Many students come to second floor but still chitchat and can be very annoying and disturbing. If the student is caught being loud, the noise police should give a first notice. Anyone who had 3 notices shouldn’t be allowed on second floor. Record should be able to loaded in the cane card. Today I came to the second floor, the three students sitting next to me were eating, talking and laughing but studying throughout the entire time when they are here. Many people around are annoyed by the behaviors. There should also be a report system so that impropriate behaviors can be reported and stopped. Quiet study area is aim to provide a better study environment. However, related monitoring control is urgently needed.

Comment on Wed May 1, 2019, 1:13 am

Thank you for letting us know about the noise issue you've experienced on the second floor.   We will add signage to reiterate the need for quiet study on the floor and will escalate our patrols of the floor.

If you do find that someone in your vicinity is not respecting the quiet study zone, please email our Access Services Department at :  and someone should respond quickly.

Answered by Cheryl Gowing, Associate Dean, Library Information Systems & Access

4 I found that the bathroom door on the sixth floor of the library may be broken and it will make a harsh sound. Richter Library

Comment on Sun Mar 17, 2019, 8:25 pm

We are very sorry you encountered this problem, the door has been fixed and it is working correctly.  Have a great day!

Answered by Roca Beiro, Facilities Manager

5 Came to the library to work on a practice test today and the computers on the second floor were gone! It is totally unacceptable in my opinion. The first floor is not a conducive study environment and it was already an issue that there were only 12 computers provided in the entire rest of the library where it is actually quiet and a proper place to focus, but to take these away is ridiculous. Not only are there certain things, such as online exams with specific formatting, that require a large screen such as the ones on the dell desktops but there are also students who do not have the finances to own their own computer or laptop and to essentially force these students to work on the first floor, where there is regularly too much conversation for anybody to really focus is inconsiderate and discriminatory. Also please fix the outlets in the floor and tables of the second floor...many of them do not work forcing student to relocate in the middle of their study session when they try to charge their laptop and discover this issue. When the library is busy such as finals this can mean having to move to a different campus building altogether. For the amount of tuition we pay there is no good reason for issues such as these to go unresolved for as long as they have. This is my 6th year at the university and there are outlets that have been broken my entire college career!

Comment on Tue Jan 8, 2019, 9:59 pm

We're sorry that you did not find the 2nd fl computers when expected.    The computers were temporarily removed in order to prepare the area for new furniture.  The furniture delivery was scheduled for the Winter Break in order to minimize the disruption to students, but the devliery ended up being later in the Break than expected.     The computers will be restored to the 2nd fl at individual work stations as soon as the electrical & data work needed to accomodate the new furniture is complete.    

Please remember that the library has laptops for loan available at the First Floor Access Desk.   You are welcome to check out a laptop and study where you find it most comfortable in the library.    

We have asked that an electrician review all public outlets on the 2nd fl and resolve any malfunctioning/inactive outlets.

Answered by Cheryl Gowing, Associate Dean, Library Information Systems & Access

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