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Comments from 2018

1The library is too often much too cold on the first floor, like tonight. I would like to talk to somebody who can make at least some parts of the library warmer. It is hard to work when people get sick from the cold. I noticed some personnel behind the front desk are wearing two sweaters tonight. Maybe central facilities can allow some control within the library of the temperature when the ac produces too much cold air.

Comment from on Jul 03 2018

UM Facilities has been working to upgrade the HVAC / Building controls throughout Richter for the past several months with the ultimate goal of putting all spaces on a system that monitors and alerts Facilities when areas are outside of the proscribed temperature range [70-74 degrees].    They are still in the process of configuring these systems and we've had a couple of instances where areas become either too hot or too cold.   Library staff are not able to adjust temperature controls, but they can call in problems to UM Facilities, so if you do feel that the temperature is either excessively cold or hot, please contact the staff at the Front Desk to let them know.

Answered by Cheryl Gowing, Associate Dean, Library Information Systems & Access

2What is going on with the first floor bathroom? It smells like a porta-potty that has been baking in the sun for three weeks and is just horrid. Yesterday two stalls were closed and then they were open later in the day but it looks like the floor was washed in the water from those broken stalls. The over all maintenance and cleanliness is horrid and really needs to be addressed.

Comment from Anonymous on Apr 17 2018

04-9-18 Update:  UM Facilities has been working to address the problem caused by two toilets with unusually deep clogged drains with various types of refuse.  A plumber had to be called to unclog the drains and they are treating the space with various cleaners to dissapte the foul odor.  Again, our apologies for the odor.     

We apologize for condition of the Richter 1st Fl Bathrooms.   I've submitted a work order to UM Facilities to have this addressed ASAP.  In the future, if you find the bathrooms to be in need of housekeeping, please don't hesitate to alert the Front Desk staff who can then contact Facilities directly.

Answered by Cheryl Gowing, Associate Dean, Library Information Systems & Access

3I am a faculty member who uses the writing center. I am very concerned about the current physical set up of the writing center. My writing materials are confidential at times (e.g., exam questions), but there is no privacy in the way the consultation tables are set up. In addition, writing requires concentration, but the current setup is very noisy as it is in the area anyone can come in. This is also a concern I have for my students who use the writing center. I want them to be able to focus on writing and getting writing help in a quiet space. I think my students' learning is best facilitated this way. I would like to know how the library addresses my concerns for faculty and students who are seriously seeking writing support. Thank you.

Comment from on Apr 17 2018

Dear Professor,
Thank you for raising your concerns.  I hope that with the opening of the new Learning Commons area it will help resolve any issues you have.
Dennis Smith

Answered by Dennis Smith, Head of Access Services

4Hello, I am in the graduate study room. For over an hour, there has been a REALLY LOUD group in one of the group study rooms near the elevator on the 2nd floor next to the graduate study area. I have been wearing headphone and can still hear them. Is there any way that someone could ask them to decrease the volume just a little?

Comment from Anonymous on Apr 16 2018

We're sorry your study was disturbed by a noisy group in the adjacent room.    If this occurs again, please don't hesitate to contact the Front Desk staff who will be happy to speak with the offending group.    If you are reluctant to leave your study area, you can call the Front Desk at 305-284-3233 or email,   or you can call the Consultation Zone at 305-284-4722 or email .

Answered by Cheryl Gowing, Associate Dean, Library Information Systems & Access

5I am curious as to what happened to the puzzle section that used to be in the library? It was a great way to relax during stressful times and I honestly miss it. =( So sad to see it gone.

Comment from Anonymous on Feb 15 2018

Thanks for your question and comment!  We’re glad that you found the puzzle section a helpful resource. There are so many exciting things in the works here at Richter Library that we needed to store the puzzles to make more room for individual and collaborative workstations. If you're looking for a way to de-stress, please consider attending one of our Mindfulness at Richter sessions, a 30-minute guided practice of calming and refreshment. The next gathering is Wednesday, February 28, from 4-4:30 p.m. on the 3rd floor. Hope you can join us!

Answered by Roxane Pickens, Assistant Director, Learning Commons

6The left side of the library has been shut for almost an entire year now. This is a very large section of the library that was frequently used for group projects and independent study. Without this space now, it is nearly impossible to find a spot in the library during peak hours. I have always relied on the library as my main study and workspace and now I have had to seek out other areas on campus to study due to lack of space/availability. Additionally, the space that is available is now very loud due to the constant construction. Better soundproofing should be installed so that the study area that is left can be a quiet space to concentrate and work with our groups.

Comment from Anonymous on Feb 05 2018

Thank you for your comments. We appreciate knowing that Richter Library has been a source of support to you in your studies, and we regret that the Learning Commons renovation project has made your workflow more challenging. The construction company responsible for the renovations has installed more substantive soundproofing material to help mitigate some of the noise. Luckily, the project is nearing its completion, and we look forward to soon being able to provide improved areas for indivdual and collaborative work.

Answered by Roxane Pickens, Assistant Director, Learning Commons

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