FAQS: Music

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1. Does Weeks Library have music-writing software like Sibelius?

The Creative Studio computer lab at Weeks includes Macs with Sibelius as well as music production software like Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and Ableton Live.

2. How do I find audio recordings?

Audio recordings, including CDs, vinyl records (LPs) and audiocassettes, are stored behind the circulation desk at Weeks Music Library. To check out these items, you must provide library staff with a call number.

You can search for recordings by using the “CD/DVD” link at the top of the main Library website. For best results, you can also use the catalog’s Advanced search to combine composers, titles, performers, and other information. For tips on how to search the catalog for recordings, click here.

3. How do I find DVDs?

All the DVDs in Richter Library are on public shelves arranged by genre and may be browsed. DVDs at Weeks Music Library are stored behind the circulation desk. DVDs are also listed in the Libraries catalog just like books.

On the Libraries home page, click on Advanced Search under the orange Search button on the UM Libraries website. If you know the exact title of the film you want, change Any Field to Title and enter the name.

You can do an Author search for a film. Authors will include the director and the principal actors. Always enter the name last name first; i.e., Wayne, John.

You can search for a particular genre of film by doing a Subject search; i.e., comedy films, romance films, etc.

The nonfiction or documentary films are arranged by the same call number system as the books. If you already know where the books on your subject are, just check under the same call number in the DVD collection, nonfiction genre.

To search the catalog for films on your subject, use the Keyword search. Include the word "documentary" and any other terms that describe your subject.

4. How do I find music scores?

Music scores are located on the 2nd floor of Weeks Music Library. They are shelved using a modified version of the Library of Congress Classification System. To view a guide to the classification system, click here.

You can search for scores in the library catalog. If you know the exact title of the musical work, you can do a Title search. To search for music by a specific composer, use the Author search. For best results, use the Advanced search to combine composers, titles, keys, opus numbers, and other information. For tips on how to search the catalog for scores, click here.

5. How do I reserve a study room at Weeks Music Library?

You can reserve a study room by going to our Study Room Booking page.

6. What is Variations and how do I use it?

Variations is a streaming audio reserves system. You can use Variations to listen to recordings your instructor has placed on reserve. For more information about Variations, including how to download the player, click here.

7. Who can use Weeks Music Library?

Due to current University of Miami guidelines, Weeks Music Library is only open to current students, faculty, and staff at this time.

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