FAQS: Library Access

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1. Are all UM Libraries open for studying and borrowing materials?

For Fall 2021, all UM Libraries on the Gables and Marine Science campuses are physically open. 

2. Are the distinctive collections (Special Collections, Cuban Heritage Collection, University Archives) open for visitors?

As of October 2021, the distinctive collections are open by appointment only to current UM faculty, staff, and students.  See the Book a Seat webpage for details. Our digital collections are available online at any time.

3. Can I book a group study space?

Yes, at Richter Library you can book group study and individual study spaces. Study rooms are only available by appointment, so please see the Study Room webpage to make an appointment.

4. Do I need an appointment to study in the library?

For Fall 2021, you no longer need an appointment to study.

5. Do you have questions about borrowing materials?

Go to our Access and Borrowing privileges page.

6. How do I book an appointment for individual study space?

For Fall 2021, appointments for individual study at Richter Library can be made at the Zoom Study Room Page 

7. If I am not a current UM student, faculty, or staff, can I visit UM Libraries?

For the Spring 2022 semester, we are restricting access to all UM Library facilities to current UM students, faculty, and staff. 

8. Who can book an appointment to visit the library?

For the Fall 2021 semester, the UM Libraries are only available to current UM students, faculty, and staff.

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