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Plastic Pollution and marine conservation:
approaches to protect biodiversity and marine life

Bonanno, Giuseppe, editor; Orlando Bonaca, Martina, editor [2022]
Online access


Conservation of marine birds
Young, Lindsay; VanderWerf, Eri

Online access


Wetlands conservation:
current hallenges and future strategies

Sharma, Sanjeev (Assistant professor in environmental sciences) editor; Singh, Pardeep, editor; [2022]
Online access


The African marine littler outlook
Maes, Thomas; Preston-Whyte, Fiona; Maes, Thomas; Preston-Whyte, Fiona
Cham Springer Nature
, 2023
Online access


Conceptual boundary layer meteorology
the air near here

Hiscox, April L., editor; McCombs, Alexandria G., editor

London, UK : Academic Press
, [2023]


The land beneath the ice:
the pioneering years of radar exploration in

Drewry, D. J., author
Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2023]
Online Access


Oceanography and marine biology v.58

Hawkins, S.J.
Taylor & Francis, [2023]
Online access


Publication Date:
v.91:1 (January 2023)
Electronic Resource Available

Bulletin of the Museum
of Comparative Zoology

Publication Date:
v.163:4 (September 2021)
Electronic Resource Available

Publication Date:
v.46:1 (May 2022)
Electronic Resource Available

Journal of Foraminiferal Research
Publication Date:
v.53:1 (January 2023)

Journal of the Meteorological
Society of Japan
Publication Date:
v.100:5 (October 2022)

Publication Date:
v.65:1-2 (2022)

Marine Biodiversity
Publication Date:
v.52:6 (December 2022)

MT Marine Technology
Publication Date:
(October 2022)

National Geographic
Publication Date:
v.243:3 (March 2023)
Electronic Resource Available

National Fisherman
Publication Date:
v.103:3 (Fall 2022)
Electronic Resource Available

Natural History
Publication Date:
v.131:2 (February 2022)
Electronic Resource Available

Shore& Beach
Publication Date:
v.90:4 (Fall 2022)

Publication Date:
v.53:8 (March 2023)
Electronic Resource Available

Tropical Fish Hobbyist
Publication Date:
v.71;4 (March / April 2023))

World Aquaculture
Publication Date:
v.53:3 (December 2022)


Recent Theses and Disserations
Welcome to Scholarship@Miami, the institutional research repository and discovery portal for the University of Miami.
Scholarship@Miami features selected research and scholarly works prepared by faculty, students, and staff of the university. Items in Scholarship@Miami include published articles, UM theses and dissertations, data sets, conference papers, proceedings, lectures, projects, internship reports, reports, presentations, and other scholarly work and research output.

In the coming months, Scholarship@Miami will feature profiles of all University of Miami researchers.These profiles will include an author matching feature which will automatically populate profiles with citations and links to publications. Profiles will also include research interests, activities, and grant information.

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