Study Abroad

This guide includes some of the resources that are available to students and faculty involved in the Study Abroad Program here at UM. It is by no means exhaustive but should alert you to the kinds of materials that are available.

To find resources specific to one country, click one of the links below.
USearch - Find It In the Library

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Tips for using USearch
There are many different kinds of materials described on this page. To see all that the library has to offer for a specific category, use the USearch box above.

Change EVERYTHING to LIBRARY CATALOG. Then type “MAPS”, “GUIDEBOOKS”, “FEATURE FILMS”, or “DOCUMENTARY” and the name of a country in the blank box and hit Enter.
Language Help
  • Brush up on your language skills or learn a new language
  • 72 languages are available, including English
  • Watch movies with subtitles
  • Practice on the go with the mobile app (available through the database for Apple and Android)

Log on here!
Travel Guides
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  • Plan your free time!
  • Large collection in the Richter Library
  • These can be borrowed

Films About Your Country
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The Libraries also have a lot of documentaries about other countries. We try to collect titles that will describe what life is like for the citizens rather than just the tourists. These are also in our DVD collection.

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Watch a Movie!
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One way to brush up on your language skills is by watching foreign language movies. We have a large selection available in our DVD collection.

Any DVD not on Reserve may be borrowed for 1 week. The DVD collection is located on the 1st floor of the Richter Library.
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Inform yourself on current topics!

Databases with newspapers from other countries

Access World News

Latin American Newsstand

Lexis Nexis Academic

ProQuest Newsstand
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Would you like to look at maps of where you're going? The Libraries have a large collection of paper maps.
  • Country and city maps
  • Maps on history, geology, industry, and other subjects

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