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Library Liaison for Interactive Media
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Quick Start

Welcome to the Interactive Media subject guide. This guide is designed to help you navigate library resources and get you started on your research.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the info in the box to your left.

Guide Breakdown:
- List of board games, RPG manuals, and video games/consoles available at the library
Make Stuff - in-depth information about the library "making" resources, and UM resources
Research - links to library books, articles, and other materials to support your research
Creative Studio
The Creative Studio has two locations. The main lab is in Richter Library (main library), Room 118. The Music Library also has a Creative Studio that is more focused on audio, music, and sound. We provide expert support and consultation in the use of digital audio, video, graphic design technology as well as web development, and image creation techniques. 


Software at Richter: Adobe CC, Mircosoft Office
Software at Music: Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Sibelius, Adobe CC, Microsoft Office

Computers: 11 iMacs, 2 Mac Pros, 1 Dell (VR ready)
Hardware: VCR, cassette player, record player, 11x17 flatbed scanner, large format printer, Ultimaker 3D printers

Rental Equipment: still cameras, DSLRs, GoPro, video cameras, iight kits, ring lights, audio recorders, microphones, green screen kit, Wacom tablets, projectors, project screen, video game consoles, tripods, mobile accessories
Audio Production Booths: located at the music library.

UM Libraries Game Collection
Video Game Music
The Weeks Music Library has video game music available for check-out at their library. You can find CDs, music sheets, and books about the subject by searching their library catalog. 

Weeks Music Library
Virtual Reality
The library has Oculus available for loan, demos, and special projects. Please contact Vanessa Rodriguez for more information.
Make Games
Here is a handy list of online resources that can help you create your own game. Make Your Own Games
All consoles were donated to the Richter Library and might already have some wear and tear. Some of the games available were donated or were purchased used.

We are open to more donations to add to the collection and will review any on a case-by-case basis. If you have a donation please contact Vanessa Rodriguez at
Available Games
Library Catalog - you can search for a particular game, system, or research materials.  

Tabletop Games
Browse Tabletop Games- Board games and card games are located at the Richter Library front desk for 3 day check-out.

Video Games
Browse Video Games
  • Video games and consoles are available at the Creative Studio, Richter Library Room 120.
  • Games available for the following consoles: Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS2-PS5, Nintendo Switch, Wii, and Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
  • Consoles for Loan: Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Classic Mini
  • Loan Policy: PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii - 7 days. All other console formats and video game consoles are 3 hours in-library use only.

Roleplaying Manuals
  • Located in Richter Library Stacks, primarily on the 6th floor call number GV1469
  • Check-out time, Standard Library Policy for books

Books about Games and Gaming
You can find books about games in the Richter Library Stacks, 6th floor call number GV1469

Full List of Games Spreadsheet (video games, tabletop games, RPG manuals)
UM Library Games - You can also view the complete list (video games, tabletop, and RPG manuals) by looking through our online spreadsheet.

Creative Studio - Richter Library
To learn more about all Creative Studio resources, visit our website

Poster Printing & 3D Printing:

Print posters up to 44" wide and multiple feet long. Photograph printing up to 17"x22".

Equipment Rental - You can check out audiovisual equipment for up to 5 days, no cost. 

Consultations - Our staff can answer questions on Adobe CC, iMovie, Final Cut, and AVID. We can also recommend software and hardware for your project ideas. 

Digitzation - Digitize your old formats. The lab has equipment to digitize photos, negatives, VHS, cassette tape, vinyl. Mini DV, and 3 1/4  floppy disk.

Other -  The lab has a few tools you can use (in the library) for your creative projects. Please let us know in advance if you need one of our tools: paper cutter, long reach stapler, button maker and crayons.
Campus Labs
The University of Miami has many creative labs available to students on campus that specialize in different areas of creating.  More information can be found in the below linked guide. 

UM Creative Labs & Makerspaces

Library Searches
Library Materials (not including articles)  about...

User Interface Design
Data Visualization
For more information as well as article searches, please use the search box on our library homepage.
LinkedIn Learning
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