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Hello and welcome to the Chemistry Research Guide! You will find information on how to get started with your research along with available resources at the University of Miami Libraries and beyond. Click on the different tabs at the top of the guide to learn more on each topic. Throughout this guide there are sections labelled, "Diverse Voices." There is a lack of diversity in STEM and the "Diverse Voices" sections highlight resources/contributions from underrepresented groups as well as information regarding the lack of representation in STEM. This guide is not exhaustive and if you find resources you think would be a great addition or if you have questions please email me.
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Article Types
There are different article types found in the below databases and eJournal collections.
  • Peer-reviewed: Procedure where scholarly work is evaluated by experts of the same discipline against a set of criteria to ensure that it meets certain standards necessary for publication.
  • Preprint: A version of a scientific manuscript posted on a public server prior to peer review. 
  • Scholarly: Written by academics and other experts and contributes to knowledge in a particular subject by sharing new research findings, theories, analyses, insights, news, or summaries of current knowledge.
eJournal Collections
Library Catalog
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Library Catalog
What is a dissertation or thesis?
Dissertation: A lengthy, formal written treatise or thesis, especially an account of scholarly investigation or original research on a specialized topic, submitted to a university in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Ph.D. degree (for most United States universities).​

Thesis: A proposition advanced and defended in a formal disputation, especially by a candidate in partial fulfillment of university requirements for a master's degree (for most United States universities).
Dissertation & Theses Databases
Library Catalog
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C&EN (Chemical & Engineering News)

A chemistry journal twitter account from Nature Portfolio Springer Nature.

University of Miami Chemistry Department twitter account.
Diverse Voices
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Women in Chemistry TV Show
TV show and companion film series, celebrates women scientists and entrepreneurs.

Amplifying Black voices and celebrating Black excellence in chemistry.

An online community for self-identified Black women in STEM.

Network of women in chemistry to provide support, encouragement and mentorship for young women.

A forum for Latin American chemistry community.

Improving LGBTQ+ visibility in STEM.

Encouraging conversations between emerging & established women of color in STEM.

The ACS Voices Diversity Podcast
Podcast series featuring interviews with diverse chemists.
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Chemistry Department Software
The Chemistry Department offers the following molecular modeling and calculations software:
The below conference databases contain conference papers, proceedings, and gray/grey literature.
  • Conference Papers: An original paper at a formal gathering of peers which may be subsequently published in its proceedings.
  • Conference Proceedings: The published record of a conference, congress, symposium, or other meeting sponsored by a society or association.
  • Gray/Grey Literature: Documentary material in print and electronic formats, such as reports, preprints, internal documents, memoranda, newsletters, market surveys, theses, dissertations, conference proceedings, technical specifications, standards, or trade literature.
Library Catalog
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Diverse Voices
Reitz, J. (2013, January 10). About ODLIS. In ODLIS About. Retrieved August 19, 2022, from
What is a patent?
  • Privilege granted to the inventor of a new product or process.
  • Excludes others from producing or making use of an invention for a limited period, unless under license from the holder of the patent.
University of Miami Policies
Patent. In World Encyclopedia. Philip's. Retrieved 19 Aug. 2022, from

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