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Vitruvian Man. Leonardo da Vinci. ca. 1485-1490. Provided by Artstor.

Hello all, and welcome to the University of Miami Libraries' Guide to Anthropology! The purpose of this guide is to help you navigate through the many anthropology-related resources available to you through the University of Miami Libraries system.

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The Handbook of Qualitative Research
Norman K. Denzin (Editor); Yvonna S. Lincoln (Editor)
The Archaeologist's Fieldwork Companion
Barbara Ann Kipfer
CC76 .K57 2007
Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes
Robert M. Emerson; Rachel I. Fretz; Linda L. Shaw
GN307.7 .E44 1995 (6th flr. stacks)
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Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
Encyclopedia of Anthropology
H. James Birx (Editor)
GN11 .E63 2006
5 volume set
The Human Fossil Record
Jeffrey H. Schwartz; Ian Tattersall
GN282 .H83 2002
4 volume set
Hardcover The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Archaeology Book
The concise Oxford dictionary of archaeology
Timothy Darvill
CC70 .D37 2002
Encyclopedia of Archaelogy : History and Discoveries, Hardcover by Murray, Ti... - Picture 1 of 1
Encyclopedia of Archaeology
Tim Murray (Editor)
CC100 .E54 2001
3 volume set
International encyclopedia of the social & behavioral sciences
Neil J. Smelser, Paul B. Baltes
Handbooks & Guides
Handbook of Archaeological Theories
R. Alexander Bentley (Editor); Herbert D. G. Maschner (Editor); Christopher Chippindale (Editor)
CC72 .H36 2008
A Handbook of Economic Anthropology
James G. Carrier (Editor)
GN448 .H36 2005
Brigham Young Kennedy Center Staff
GT150 .C85 (Richter Reference)
Darwin and Archaeology
John P. Hart (Editor); John Edward Terrell (Editor); Gary M. Feinman (Foreword by)
GN281 .D39 2002 (6th flr. stacks)
Handbook of Medical Anthropology
Carolyn F. Sargent; Thomas M. Johnson (Editor)
GN296 .M423 1996 (6th flr. stacks)
Handbook of Psychological Anthropology
Philip K. Bock
GN502 .H363 1994 (6th flr. stacks)
WorldCat Search
Historical Atlas of Ancient America
Norman B. Hunt
G1101.E6 B3 2001
Atlas of Ancient Archaeology
Jacquetta Hopkins Hawkes
GN739 .H38 1974
Journals with Book Reviews

Looking for book reviews? Check out the journals below!

Reviews in Anthropology
Online access to the journal 'Reviews in Anthropology', dating back to 1974.

The Latin American Anthropology Review
Online access from 1989 to 1994.
Online Databases
uSearch - Find Books, Articles, and More!

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More Anthropology Databases

Need more Anthropology databases?

More databases with coverage of Anthropology materials can be found on the library's database page.

Anthropology Databases


Encyclopedia of the Life Sciences

eLS features over 5,000 specially commissioned, peer-reviewed and citable articles in the life sciences and is an essential resource for students.

eLS articles are written by leaders in the field to provide comprehensive and authoritative coverage of each subject area. eLS is updated by approximately 400 articles per year, with new articles publishing on a monthly basis. *from the eLS website

Encyclopedia of the Life Sciences

Biological Anthropology

Biological anthropology, sometimes referred to as physical anthropology, maintains close ties to the natural sciences, through the investigation of the relationship between the human physical condition and culture. This sub-field of anthropology uses a variety of methodologies that include but are not limited to: anthropometry, biochemical analysis, comparative anatomy, trace analysis, and taxonomy. Medical anthropology, skeletal biology, paleopathology, forensic anthropology, dental anthropology, primatology, human variation, human adaptation, human evolution, and human ecology are fields of specialty within biological anthropology.

Baby Gorilla and Mother

Keppler, Mark. APTOPIX Germany Baby Gorilla. 04 Aug. 2009. AP Images. AP, 04 Aug. 2009. Web. 18 Mar. 2011

Databases & Indexes
Biological Anthropology Books
The Human Bone Manual
Tim D. White; Pieter A. Folkens
GN70 .W44 2005 (6th flr. stacks)
Evolution of Modern Humans in Africa
Pamela R. Willoughby (Editor)
GN281 .W55 2007 (6th flr. stacks)
Human Origins
Clark S. Larsen; Robert M. Matter; Daniel L. Gebo
GN282 .L37 1998 (6th flr. stacks)
The Human Career
Richard G. Klein
GN281 .K55 2009
The Last Human
G. J. Sawyer; Viktor Deak (Other Primary Creator); Ian Tattersall (Introduction by); Donald C. Johanson (Foreword by); Richard Milner; Esteban Sarmiento; Meave Leakey (Afterword by)
GN282 .S27 2007 (6th flr. stacks)
Cultural Anthropology Video
Cultural Anthropology Books
Classic Readings in Cultural Anthropology
Gary P. Ferraro
GN316 .C59 2004
Cultural Anthropology
Ida Magli; Janet Sethre (Translator)
GN316 .M32 2001
Handbook of Methods in Cultural Anthropology
edited by H. Russell Bernard and Clarence C. Gravlee
Core Journals
American Speech: A Quarterly of Linguistic Usage
PE2801 .A6
Available both in print and online
International Journal of American Linguistics
PM101 .I5
Available in both print and online
International Journal of the Sociology of Language
P40 .I57
Available both in print and online
Journal of Linguistics
P1 .J65
Available both in print and online.
Language in Society
P41 .L34
Available both in print and online.
P1 .L3
Available both in print and online
P9 .L47
Available both in print and online.
Studia Linguistica: A Journal of General Linguistics
P9 .S75
Available in both print and online.
Linguistic Anthropology

Linguistic anthropology, a sub-field of anthropology, focuses on the function of language within a society, culture as revealed through language, and the relationship of cultures through language. Recent applications involve the investigation of the capacity for language in other animals, particularly nonhuman primates.


"Blackfoot Chief, Mountain Chief making a phonographic record at the Smithsonian, 2/9/1916."

Linguistic Anthropology Books

If you are unsure of where to begin your research the print resources listed below are a good place to start. Through these resources you will be able to locate an overview on common themes within linguistics, common terminology, background information on certain schools of thought and biographical information on scholars within the field.

Anna L. DeMiller; James Rettig (Contribution by)
Z7001 .D45 2000
The guide is divided into three parts: "General Linguistics," "Allied Areas," and "Languages". The guide covers the core literature in the field of linguistics including websites. Within the "Allied Areas" part there is an anthropological linguistics section and a sociolinguistics section.
A Companion to Linguistic Anthropology
Alessandro Duranti (Editor)
P35 .C59 2004
Contains 22 essays by scholars exploring theory and method in the study of language and culture. The essays are grouped thematically and a general index and bibliography can be located at the end of the text.
The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language
David Crystal
P29 .C64 1997
Contains an overview of major topics in the study of language. This title ignores the traditional encyclopedia format in favor of a thematic organization.
A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics
David Crystal
P29 .C65 2003 (Richter Reference )
This dictionary defines and discusses over 2,000 terms. Entries include examples, diagrams, cross-references, and a list of "for further reading." 
International Encyclopedia of Linguistics: 4-Volume Set de Frawley, William  J (Editor): Collectible - Fine Hardcover (2003) | Turn-The-Page Books
International Encyclopedia of Linguistics
William J. Frawley (Editor)
A 4 volume set. The encyclopedia outlines the major languages and language families both in terms of their structural features as well as their geographical distribution, number of speakers and inter-intelligibility. This encyclopedia provides in-depth discussion on ethnolinguistics, anthropological linguistics, and sociolinguistics along with other major fields of studies.
The Linguistics Encyclopedia
Kirsten Malmkjaer (Editor)
P29 .L52 2002 (5th flr. Stacks)
A one-volume encyclopedia that provides a scholarly overview of the major theories and approaches in linguistics.
Compendium of the World's Languages
George L. Campbell
P371 .C36 2000
This two-volume set provides detailed information about languages and language families, living and extinct.
Raymond G. Gordon (Editor)
P371 .E83 2005
This title identifies the languages and dialects (6,912) spoken in each region. Arranged by geographical region and country.
Major Languages of Eastern Europe
Bernard Comrie (Editor)
P381.E83 W67 1990
More than 50 major languages and language families are described and analyzed. Historical, sociological and linguistic information is provided for each language.
Cultural Anthropology
Josephine Kibbee
GN42 .K53 1991
Provides detailed descriptions of anthropological literature available in both print and electronic. There is a section devoted to Linguistic Anthropology.
Encyclopedic Dictionary of Semiotics, Media and Communication
Marcel Danesi (Editor)
P87.5 .D36 2000
This dictionary provides the definition of terms along with the history of that term, its common application and any broad implications. Terms are cross-referenced and their etymology is given where possible.
Web Resources & Research Organizations
Music Databases
Maps of the Ancient World
Historical Atlas of the Ancient World
Richard Szydlak (Editor); Anne Wittke (Editor); Eckhart Olshausen (Editor)
G1033 .H5713 2010
The Atlas of World Archaeology
Paul G. Bahn (Editor); Barry W. Cunliffe (Editor)
CC165 .A85 2000
Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World
Richard J. A. Talbert (Editor)
G1033 .B3 2000
Oxford Handbooks of Archaeology
The Oxford Handbook of North American Archaeology
Timothy R. Pauketat
E77.9 .O94 2012
The Oxford Handbook of Mesoamerican Archaeology
Deborah L. Nichols (Editor); Christopher A. Pool (Editor)
F1219 .O88 2012
The Oxford Handbook of Maritime Archaeology
Alexis Catsambis (Editor); Ben Ford (Editor); Donny L. Hamilton (Editor)
CC77.U5 O99 2011
The Oxford Handbook of Archaeology
Barry W. Cunliffe (Editor); Chris Gosden (Editor); Rosemary A. Joyce (Editor)
CC165 .O94 2009
Books on Archaeology
History of Classical Scholarship
Peter Kuhlmann (Editor); Helmuth Schneider (Editor)
DE5 .H57 2014
Encyclopaedia of the Ancient World
Hubert Cancik; Helmuth Schneider; Manfred Landfester (Editor); Christine F. Salazar
DE5 .N48213 2006
The Archaeologist's Fieldwork Companion
Barbara Ann Kipfer
CC76 .K57 2007
The Oxford Classical Dictionary
Archaeology Websites
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The style guide of the American Anthropological Association.
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