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Evidence Based Practice Resources for Public Health

Evidence Based Practice for Public Health provides a number of databases both free and subscription based. UM Library holdings include some of those that require subscription. Please look them up by title either in the Nursing and Health Studies Research Guide or place the title in the box search box below.

Core Article Indexes & Databases
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Children in First Aid class

first_aid.jpgJacob A. (Jacob August) Riis (1849-1914). First Aid to Injured, Public School. Museum of the City of New York. ARTstor.

Supporting Databases
Librarian for Public Health

Vera Spika

  • Nursing & Health Sciences, Biology, and Psychology Librarian
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What is Grey (Gray) Literature?
The Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions describes Grey Literature as "...literature that is not formally published in sources such as books or journal articles." See list in column to the right.

Note that the importance of searching grey literature is highly important, public health sources are often very large, not lending themselves well to systematic searching. With persistence, however, a great many pockets of valuable information can be found.
Need help? Contact the librarian. 
Types and Sources of Grey Literature
To study the many areas in public health, it is imperative to investigate some of the following sources for timely and research driven information.

While most are outside the traditional scholarly publishing arena and often put out material that is not "peer reviewed", it's the sources themselves that are reliable and have stood the test of time for disseminating accurate, valid, and often more current information than scholarly journals.

Grey Literature sources and formats:
  • Government departments, agencies for health, agriculture, environmental protection, etc.
  • Non-Government Organizations (NGO's)
  • International organizations. e.g., WHO, UN,
  • Professional and Special Interest Groups
  • Health Institutes, Societies
  • Universities, Research Centers
Grey Literature Types:
  • Reports
  • Conference Proceeding
  • Listservs, Blogs, Emails, Phone calls
  • Newsletters, News Releases, Broshures
  • Theses & Dissertations, White Papers
  • Primary resources: Manuscripts, Notes, Letters, Diaries, other personal information
Other Types of Grey Lit sources & documents - from Grey Lit International 2018 

Note: Before using any of these documents interrogate them - based on 5 Criteria (zoom document in to see) or Evaluating Sources
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Aggregated Sources of Grey Literature
- Harvard Kennedy Center | Research Centers & Think Tanks
- National Information Center on Health Services Research & Health Care Technology (NICHSR)
- Grey Literature Producing Organizations
Food Plate


MyPlate illustration of healthy food groups. USDA Food & Nutrition Service.

Nutrition Resources
Librarian for Public Health

Vera Spika

  • Nursing & Health Sciences, Biology, and Psychology Librarian
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Statistics: State and Local
Statistics: U.S.
Health Statistics & Data - Other sources
The Statistics tab on the guide for
Nursing & Health Studies
The  Statistics & Data tab on the Global Health guide
Finding Health Data & Statistics  Cornell University
Data Resources Weill Cornell Medicine
Health Statistics US University of Michigan
NMWR Supplements
Boy burning garbage


A boy in Bangledesh burns garbage to extract discarded scrap metal to sell. A UNICEF photography Photo of the Week.

Statistics: International
Librarian for Public Health

Vera Spika

  • Nursing & Health Sciences, Biology, and Psychology Librarian
  • (305) 284-2040
Undergraduate programs in public health from UM School of Nursing and Health Studies
Librarian for Public Health

Vera Spika

  • Nursing & Health Sciences, Biology, and Psychology Librarian
  • (305) 284-2040
Managing citations (or references) for papers and other projects can be very timing consuming. Citation Management Systems (software) make it much easier; they collect and organize citations, insert them right into a Word document as you write, and create a citation list (bibliography) at the end of the document.
UM Libraries offer subscriptions to Citation Managers with the exception of Zotero (free). To create an account in one and learn more about it, see options below. They can also be accessed through the Databases A-Z list on the UM Libraries home page.
     Always create accounts, using your Cane ID.
     The words "citations" and "references" are synonymous

EndNote - both web-hosted and desktop

Download desktop version from UM InformationTechnology > Services & Products tab > Software 
  Tip: in 1st screen of Download, copy Product Key (will need later in the process)  
Refworks - web-hosted only
 Mendeley - both web-hosted and desktop. Also a PDF manager.
         For more help, contact Jorge Perez
Zotero - both web-hosted and desktop. Can use any email address
        For more help, contact Erica Newcome 
Which one?  Comparing Citation Managers

Note: Comparing these managers is finky work. Still can't decide after checking the information guides below? Experiment in one citation manager. If it doesn't meet your needs, export your citations or references into another one. 

Wikipedia Comparison of Reference management software  (June 2022)
University of Chicago Library  Citaion Management (May 2022)
Yale University Library Citation Management   (Mendeley, Endnote and Zotero) 
Penn State Uni. Libraries Citation and Writing Guides
To create Citation Styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turbian), see the Citation Styles Tab on this guide. It also includes information for avoiding plagarism.

Citation Style Guides

APA Style (American Psychological Association) 7th Edition (2019)
APA Style 7th Edition: The Changes You Need To Know
APA 7th Edition (2020) | The 17 Most Notable Changes

APA Formatting and Style Guide  OWL at Purdue University
APA Documentation Handbook  University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center

APA Style – Supplemental Resources for formatting manuscripts, papers, essays, etc.
(American Psychological Association)

MLA Style (Modern Language Association)

MLA Style OWL at Purdue University
MLA Style  University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center

Chicago Style

Chicago Manual of Style 
Chicago Manual of Style Owl at Purdue University
Chicago Manual of Style University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries

Turabian Style

Turabian Style Guide The University of Southern Mississippi
Turabian Style University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries


What is Plagiarism? An interactive game and guide from Rutgers University.
Avoiding Plagarism Simon Fraser University 
Plagarism Tutorial   Duke University
The Writer's Handbook to Avoiding Plagiarism. By the University of Wisconsin Writing Center.


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