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Maker Tools : COVID-19

Makers Help Flatten the Curve
Folks across the world with sewing skills and 3D printers are making items to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Below is information on making cloth face masks and face shields for yourself or for others. 

Cloth face mask worn underneath face shield. image courtesy of U Communications

Contact the following groups for donations of cloth face masks, face shields, or materials for the creation of masks and shields like fabric, elastic, printer filament, etc. 

3D print for faceshield. image courtesy of U Communications.

  • Filament: PLA is an absolutely acceptable filament to use, but if you can use PETG it will stand up to autoclaving.
  • Clear Shield: Example clear shield. The No-Sew 3DV design requires ONLY the clear shield transparency, another reason we recommend.
  • Hole puncher: guide for holes as well at the spacer file to offset the hole punch.
  • Spacer: (see hole punching tutorial) stl file

3D Print files: Assembly Instructions (with list of other necessary materials).

Hole Punching Tutorials:
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