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Resources on Inclusive Teaching Techniques
This resource guide was developed to support instructors interested in developing and revising their courses with attention to inclusion and diversity.  To recommend additional materials for this guide, please email Roxane Pickens at
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Journal Articles from uSearch
"Mentoring: Inclusive Classrooms (Part One of a Two Part Series)"
Shari Saunders and Diana Kardia
Paramus: The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Vol. 10, Iss. 15 (Apr 21, 2000): 21.
Recommendations on developing inclusive classrooms, focused on "Choosing Course Content, Increasing Awareness of Problematic Assumptions."

"Mentoring: Inclusive Classrooms (Part Two of a Two-Part Series)"
Shari Saunders and Diana Kardia
Paramus: The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education Vol. 10, Iss. 16 (May 5, 2000): 45.
Recommendations on developing inclusive classrooms, focused on "Planning Considerations; Getting to Know the Students; Decisions, Comments, and Behaviors During the Teaching Process."

"Avoiding the Difference Fixation: Identity Categories, Markers of Difference, and the Teaching of Writing"
 Stephanie L. Kerschbaum
College Composition and Communication 2012-06-01, Vol.63 (4), p.616-644
In order to show difference as a dynamic, relational, and emergent construct, this article introduces "markers of difference," rhetorical cues that signal the presence of difference between one or more interlocutors, and suggests practical means by which teachers can engage this concept to improve their teaching practice.

Online Articles
"Trans* Inclusion in the Classroom: Building Inclusive Syllabi"
Cameron Awkward-Rich
Learning Innovation Blog, Duke University
Reflections on practices for designing a trans-inclusive classroom

"The Soul of My Pedagogy"
Bryan Dewsbury
Scientific American
Inclusive teaching practices for STEM and related classrooms

"Why We’re 'Speaking Up' About Inclusive Teaching Strategies"
Kelly Hogan and Viji Sathy
ACUE (Association of College and University Educators) Blog
Tools for building inclusivity into course design and classroom environments

"How to Make Your Teaching More Inclusive: Advice Guide"
Viji Sathy and Kelly A. Hogan
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Extensive overview of inclusive teaching practices

"The Classroom as Retreat Space"
Esteban Loustaunau
D'Amour Center for Teaching Excellence Blog, Assumption College
Ideas for inclusion and in-class discussion


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