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ENG 106: Relationships in the Digital Age

Evaluating Articles

The CABLE Method

Currency (When?)
When was the article published? If the article is on a website, when was the page last updated? Are links to other sites still active?

Authority (Who?)
Who wrote the article? What are the credentials of the author? How can I find out more about the author?

Bias (Why?)
What is the purpose of the periodical? What does the author say is the purpose of the article? Is the article objective or is only one point of view presented?

Level (What?)
How useful is this information for your purpose? Does it cover your subject in enough depth? Do you feel comfortable citing this article in a college-level assignment?

Explore (Where?)
Where does the article's information come from? Is it scholarly or popular? Can you verify the information in the article? Are there references or links to other sites?

Adapted from: The Library Instruction Cookbook "CABLE Cook-off: Learning to Evaluate Web Sites" (90-91)

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