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Data Services Online Workshops

Data Services at the University of Miami Libraries offers a "Working with Data" workshop series every semester. This series of seminars and workshops is designed for students, staff, and faculty who are undertaking research in any discipline.

Flipped Online Workshops
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have switched to a flipped classroom approach. In order to participate in these flipped workshops, you are encouraged to follow these steps:
  1. Download the instructional material (tutorial and data) for each workshop. The download links are listed in the description for each workshop below.
  2. Go through the workshop material on your own time, writing down questions for the instructor. If you have trouble accessing the software necessary for the workshop, please contact for assistance. Many of the software programs are available at
  3. Book an online Zoom-based appointment with the instructor to discuss your questions and receive additional instruction (as necessary).
Online Digital Scholars' Lab
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering our Digital Scholars’ Lab as an online service. To gain access to the online Digital Scholars’ Lab, go to Remote Labs and following the instructions to begin.
Dr. Cameron Riopelle Data Analysis Software Instruction
Presented by Dr. Cameron Riopelle, Head of Data Services

Gain introductory experience with data analysis in a variety of new software environments, particularly R, SPSS, SAS, and Tableau, paired with discussions of research methods and data science best practices.
  • Intro and Intermediate SPSS (download link)
  • Introduction and Intermediate R/RStudio (download link)
    • Please note: the .R files are the script for the workshops (containing the tutorials themselves) which must be opened from within R or RStudio.
  • R for Data Visualization (download link)
  • NVivo (download link)
  • SAS (download link)

Dr. Timothy Norris Research Data Management Series
Presented by Dr. Timothy Norris, Data Scientist

This workshop provides students with strategies to increase productivity (efficiency), enable proper data stewardship (security), and help students exceed data management expectations and requirements in the research environment (compliance).

Dr. Jorge Quintela GIS Software Instruction
Presented by Dr. Jorge Quintela, GIS and Data Specialist

This workshop will introduce you to GIS tools and techniques using ArcGIS Online. You will learn how to create interactive maps; how to add, manage, and share content; and how to perform basic spatial analysis procedures with your data. Please note: if you do not have the proper credentials for this software program, contact Dr. Quintela in advance for assistance. Additional training: short (2-page) instructional documents on GIS techniques using ArcGIS Pro. Please note: if you do not have the proper credentials for this software program, contact Dr. Quintela in advance for assistance.
  • Add (Calculate) Geometry Attributes in ArcGIS Pro (download link)
  • ArcGIS Pro Count the number of points inside polygons using Spatial Join (download link)
  • ArcGIS Pro: Join an excel or csv table to a feature layer (download link)
  • Determining  the predominant type of features when overlaying two polygon layers (download link)
  • Clipping a raster in ArcGIS Pro (download link)
  • Export an attribute table from ArcGIS Pro to Excel (download link)
  • Deriving a slope surface in ArcGIS Pro (download link)
  • Deriving an aspect surface in ArcGIS Pro (download link)
  • Editing the style of a vector tile in ArcGIS (download link)
  • Creating a profile graph from a surface in ArcGIS Pro (download link)

Kineret Ben-Knaan Introduction to Google Data Studio and Microsoft Power BI
Presented by Kineret Ben-Knaan, Research & Assessment Librarian

This workshop series will introduce participants to using different data visualization tools. Participants will learn how to connect to diverse datasets and create visual dashboards that can be shared with colleagues. Please contact to arrange this workshop over Zoom.

James Sobczak Introduction to Zotero and OpenRefine Series
Presented by James Sobczak, STEM Librarian

Gain introductory experience organizing information through the use of reference management software (Zotero) and data cleaning tools (OpenRefine). Please contact to arrange this workshop over Zoom.
Online Office Hours
The Data Services team holds online office hours for instruction and consultation for all patrons at all campuses at the University of Miami, including Coral Gables, medical, and RSMAS.

Stop by and introduce yourself and ask questions!

You can schedule an appointment for a consultation or instruction at the Data Services YouCanBook.Me page or through email (contacting the relevant staff member). Meetings will be conducted online over Zoom, with the meeting invitation sent out before the meeting.
Learn software for research
Full list of current software/languages supported by Data Services (alphabetical):

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