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Sustainable Building Practices

Sustainable/ Green Buildings are the future of the construction industry, they are smart, energy and resource efficient, save the environment and even lead to money savings. Buildings are termed sustainable not only by putting solar panels, but by creating an intergated sustainable strategy with a set intent and clear goals that reflect in every tiny detail and thus contribute to the overall big picture of a high performing building. It is these tiny strategies that one needs to be aware of and stay constantly updated about, in order to understand the market trends, the consumer needs, and even for the sake of innovation in building design. This research guide is a starting point for anyone who wants to learn about sustainable buildings, their philosophies , basic design intents which can form the entire building's guiding philosophy and the exact strategies that can be applied to a project in a particular context. Hopefully these links, and articles inspire students and future professionals to create a better, smarter and higher performing urban environment.
Library Research Scholar 2016-2017

Gilda Santana

  • Head Architecture Research Center / Art & Art History Librarian
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Nishi Bordia

Sustainable Facades
Facade orientation
Climatic Considerations
Insulation/Air Barrier
Net-Zero Water
Water Efficiency/ Indoor Water Use Reduction
Rainwater Harvesting
Stormwater Management
Wastewater Treatment
Active HVAC systems
Green Roofs/Walls
Passive Design
Natural Ventilation
Renewable Energy
Energy Storage
Solar Energy
Wind Energy
BioEnergy and Geothermal Energy
Space-Use Efficiency
Indoor Landscaping
Material Selection
Flooring and Finishes

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