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This guide provides a list of resources relating to the study of Latin American Music. This guide is intended for those beginning to conduct research or for those who have an interest in the music of Latin America and its history.

Please note: the items listed here are selected resources that may be used as reference sources or starting points for research and are not intended to be a comprehensive bibliography.

Pages are arranged according to material type and direct links have been provided for those items available in the University of Miami Libraries' catalog.

Venezuelan Joropo, by Eloy Palacios (1912)

Venezuelan Joropo, by Eloy Palacios (1912)

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Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
Diccionario de la Música Española e Hispanoamericana
Casares, Emilio, ed.
ML101.S7 D53 1999

Latin American Classical Composers : a Biographical Dictionary
Ficher, Miguel, Martha Furman Schleifer, and John M. Furman, eds.
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Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart
Finscher, Ludwig, ed.
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Garland Encyclopedia of World Music. Volume 2, South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.
Olsen, Dale A., and Daniel E. Sheehy, eds.
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New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians
Sadie, Stanley, ed.
ML100 .N48 2001

Continuum Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World
Shepherd, John, ed.
ML102.P66 C66 2003

Cuban music from A to Z
Orovio, Helio
ML106.C8 O7613 2004

Diccionario enciclopédico de la música en Cuba
Giro, Radamés
ML106.C8 G576 2007

Histories and Bibliographies
Music of Latin America: An Introduction
Béhague, Gerard
ML199 .B44

Bibliografía de Música Latinoamericana
Casa de las Americas
ML120.L4 B5 1972

Guide to the Music of Latin America
Chase, Gilbert
ML120.S7 C47 1972

Compositores de América : datos biográficos y catálogos de sus obras = Composers of the Americas : biographical data and catalogs of their works.
ML390 .P15

Music in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Encyclopedic History
Kuss, Malena, ed.
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Musical cultures of Latin America: global effects, past and present: proceedings of an international conference, University of California, Los Angeles, May 28-30, 1999.
Loza, Steven, ed.
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Música y Músicos de Latinoamérica
Mayer-Serra, Otto
ML199 .M3

Garland Handbook of Latin American Music
Olsen, Dale A., and Daniel E. Sheehy

ML199 .G36 2000

Sources for Latin American Music
Pan American Union
ML120.S7 P35 1940

Music in Latin American Culture: Regional Traditions
Schechter, John, ed.
ML199 .M86 1999

Music in the Hispanic Caribbean : Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture
Moore, Robin.
ML3565 .M66 2010

Music of Latin America & the Caribbean
Brill, Mark
ML199 .B75 2010

Música popular na América Latina : pontos de escuta
ML3475 .M89 2005

Música : Latinoamericana y Caribeña
Gómez, Zoila and Victoria Eli Rodríguez
ML199 .G64 1995
Print Journals: Latin American Music
Boletín Música / Casa de las Américas.
ML5 .M7139

ML5 .H49

Música / Casa de las Américas
ML5 .M7139

ML5 .P2

Revista de Música Latinoamericana = Latin American Music Review
ML199 .R48
Print Journals: Folk and Popular Music (General)
ML1 .E77

Journal of Popular Culture
AP2 .J8325
(at Richter Library)

Popular Music
ML3469 .P66

Popular Music and Society
ML1 .P69457
Electronic Journals: Latin American Music
Electronic Journals: Folk and Popular Music (General)
Music Databases
Databases and Web Resources for Latin American Studies
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