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Description of the Collection in Islamic Studies
The purpose of the collection is to support undergraduate instructional needs and the research requirements of the faculty in the area of Islam, including historical, religious, artistic and contemporary social issues.  English dominates, and all time periods are covered.  Special geographical coverage is given to the rise of Islam in the ancient Near East, as well as to its practice in the USA and the West.   

Harem interior, 16th c., Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul.  (ARTstor)


Martin Tsang

  • CHC Librarian, Curator of Latin American Collections
  • (305) 284-4900

Equestrian Portrait of Sultan Selim II, c. 1570, Isbanbul  (ARTstor)

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Painted Tile of Baths of Selim II, C. 1566-75 (ARTstor)

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Textile Bands made for the Kaaba at Mecca, 16th C., Turkey  (ARTstor)

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The Great Division of Islam

Maps and Atlases

Domes of the Blue Mosque, Isbanbul (by Harry Kikstra)

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