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EPH 607 - Interdisciplinary Health Communications

This guide was developed for use in EPH 607 - Interdisciplinary Health Communications. It includes a number of databases and other resources that may help you with your assignments.
Subject Specialist

Terri Robar

Vera Spika

Cameron Riopelle

Kelsa Bartley

John Reynolds

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Top Advertising Databases


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Top Advertising Databases
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MediaMark Guides

Here is an example of how you can cite a Mediamark report (using APA style).

Mediamark University Reporter. Mediamark research, Inc. (Spring 2014). Report: Digital Point & Shoot Personally Owned. Retrievd January 6, 2016 from MRI Mediamark database: Reporter

MediaMark Help Guide
This guide will walk you step by step through the process of signing in to the database, searching for files, and reading the files.
 How To Use MediaMark docx 

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