Faculty Profile: Jorge Quintela

Picture: Jorge  Quintela

Jorge Quintela

Instruction & Engagement Data Librarian

(305) 284-5729

Jorge Quintela received his PhD in Geography and his Bachelor of Arts in Geography from the University of Havana, where he also worked as a professor for many years, teaching courses on Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Geomorphology, and Quantitative Geography. From 2002 to 2015 he worked for UNICEF in several countries in the Caribbean, in the fields of Operations, Information Technology and Emergency Response. Before joining the University of Miami, Jorge worked for the Water Resources Department at the Miccosukee Tribe’s Environmental Protection Agency.
At the University of Miami, he provides consultation services and expert assistance with GIS, data services, and statistical methods for faculty and students on all three campuses, and teaches instructional workshops. He is also an Adjunct Lecturer at the Department of Geography and Sustainable Development.
Workshops taught at UM Libraries:

  • Creating Interactive Maps with ArcGIS Online. Spring 2023.
  • Storytelling with ArcGIS Storymaps. Spring 2023.
  • Introduction to ArcGIS Online. Workshop. Richter Library. Fall/Spring: 2019, 2020, 2021,2022.
  • Introduction to Business Analyst Online WebApp. Workshop. Fall/Spring:2020, 2021,2022.
  • Introduction to Data Analysis in R/RStudio. Workshop. Fall 2021, Spring 2022.
  • Introduction to Data Analysis in SPSS. Workshop. Fall 2021, Spring 2022.
  • Using GIS to understand the relationship between the built environment and health. Gest Lecture at the Miller School of Medicine. June 2022, October 2018.
  • Working with NetCDF files in ArcGIS Pro. Presentation. UM Libraries. July 2022.
  • Creating raster digital elevation models from lidar data using ArcGIS Pro. Workshop. Richter Library. October 2018.
  • Introduction to R for visualizing and managing spatial data. Workshop. Richter Library. October 2018.
  • Using ArcGIS Desktop for spatial analysis in Educational Research. Workshop. Richter Library. March 2018.
For-credit courses Taught at UM:
  • Geographic Information Systems I (GEG 310/691, 3 credits). Spring 2023 (in progress), Fall 2022, Fall 2021, Spring 2021, Fall 2020, Spring 2019.
  • GIS for Engineers (GEG 199, 1- credit). Spring 2022.
  • Web GIS (GEG 415/695, 3-credits). Spring 2022.

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