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More Information About Brazil and Its Cities

Another database that provides information about places is the Columbia Gazetteer of the World. It includes articles about Argentina and individual cities.



Rio de Janeiro

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The Libraries also have a lot of documentaries about other countries. These are also in our DVD collection. Also, be sure to check out Kanopy, our streaming video service.

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A sample of what we have includes:

Any DVD not on Reserve may be borrowed for 1 week. The DVD collection is located on the 1st floor of the Richter Library.
This page contains materials that are available to students and faculty who are involved with the Study Abroad program in Brazil.
Quick Facts

The information listed here as well as the flag and map images on this page were found in the Britannica Academic database. To see the full article, click here.

Official name: República Federativa do Brasil (Federative Republic of Brazil)

Capital city: Bras

National language: Portuguese

Major religion: Roman Catholic

Language Help
  • Brush up on your language skills or learn a new language
  • 72 languages are available, including Brazilian Portuguese
  • Watch movies with subtitles
  • Practice on the go with the mobile app (available through the database for Apple and Android)

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Suggested Readings
Here are a few titles that we recommend for reading. Many others are available in the USearch system.

The Accidental President of Brazil: a Memoir by Fernando H. Cardoso (ebook)

Brazil: Five Centuries of Change by Thomas E. Skidmore

The Capital of Hope: Brasilia and Its People by Alex Shoumatoff

The Cloud Forest by Peter Matthiessen

A Death in Brazil by Peter Robb

How to Be a Carioca: the Alternative Guide for the Tourist in Rio by Priscilla Ann Goslin (ebook)

Travelers’ Tales Brazil edited by Scott Doggett and Annette Haddad
Travel Guides
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  • Plan your free time!
  • Large collection in the Richter Library
  • These can be borrowed
Some of the titles we have are:

Lonely Planet - Brazil

Fodor's Rio de Janeiro & San Paulo

Brazil Up Close: The Sensuous and Adventurous Guide

Your libraries are here to help!
Even when you are abroad, there are librarians available to help you and library materials that you can use.

Many of the materials here at the UM Libraries are available online from anywhere in the world.You may use the Usearch box on this page to search for books, articles, and other items. By going to the UM Libraries home page, you can also access our other databases.

Even though we're miles apart, we'd still like to help if we can. Feel free to use our Ask-A-Librarian service. Just remember to allow for any time difference.

Also, as a student at your university in Brazil, you can use their library as well. Be sure to check it out!
Watch a Movie!
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One way to brush up on your language skills is by watching foreign language movies. We have a large selection available in our DVD collection. Also, be sure to check out Kanopy, our streaming video service.

Here are a few examples of what we have:

Cidade de Deus = City of God

Central do Brasil = Central Station

Any DVD not on Reserve may be borrowed for 1 week. The DVD collection is located on the 1st floor of the Richter Library.
If you want to enjoy some of the music of Brazil, the following items can be found at the Music Library except for the first title which must be downloaded.

Calidostópia! by Oval
     Free download

Caetano Veloso by Caetano Veloso

Chaos A.D. by Sepultura

Construçao by Chico Buarque

Dez Anos Depois by Nara Leão

Os Mutantes by Os Mutantes

Wave by Antônio Carlos Jobim
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Inform yourself on current topics!

Databases with newspapers from Brazil

Latin American Newstand

Lexis Nexis Academic

These include O Globo from Rio de Janeiro
as well as other sources
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Would you like to look at maps of where you're going? The Libraries have a large collection of paper maps.
  • Country and city maps
  • Maps on history, geology, industry, and other subjects
A sample of what we have for Brazil includes:

Borch map, Brazil 1:4 000 000

Planta Turística da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro

Amazonia: A World Resource at Risk
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