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This guide was developed for any undergraduate or graduate student that is takina a MAS course and requires time series data for a project.

The resources recommended for this guide are either UM database subscriptions or are public web sites that provide free data.


List of 100+ Business Databases
The University of Miami subscribes to over 700 online databases. From the list of 700, over 100 databases are dedicated to the subject discipline of business. Click the link above to access all the business databases.

Remote Access
Remote access to the University of Miami's online database is possible from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.  Once you have selected a library research database, you will be prompted for your CaneID name and password.  This process is necessary to authenticate your enrollment status at UM.

NOTE:  If you have a firewall on your computer, please bring down the firewall.  All the library research databases contain encrypted data and this will not pass through a firewall

Time Series Data - Economic data
Bureau of Labor Statistics:  This U.S. government site contains the Consumer Price Index (CPI), employment & unemployment statistics, pay & compensation cost data, spending, time use, productivity, workplace injuries, plus more.

Economic Intelligence Unit:  Locate macroeconomic statistical data from the EIU's Data Tools service.  Data within this service includes historical (1997), current, and forecasting data to 2022, and covers GDP, fiscal, monetary, population, employment, and foreign direct investments.

Political Risk Yearbook:  This library subscription provides country economic data.  This includes economic indicators such as domestic, international, and social. 
Time Series Data - Health
CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention):  

CDC's Health United States:  This free web site provides national trends in health statistics.  Topics include birth and death rates, infant mortality, life expectancy, morbidity and health status, risk factors, use of ambulatory and patient care, health personnel and facilities, financing of health care, health insurance, and other health topics.  Excel files with time series data can be downloaded from this site.

WHO's Global Health Observatory Data:  Collected by the World Health Organization, this free web site provides statistical data on the health of the world.

Time Series Data - Various
Eurostat:  Considered as the key to European statistics, this web site provides time series data on various topics.  This includes population, demographics, economy, agriculture, environment, finance, climate change, quality of life, and more.  

Kids Count Data Center:  This web site provides child well being data throughout the United States.  Topics include demographics, education, well being, family & community, race, safety and risky behavior.

International Data Base (IDB):  Produced by the U.S. Census, this web site provides foreign country data.  This includes population estimates, growth rates, and population by age group.

National Vital Statistics:  Produced by the CDC, this web site provides vital statistics from the states within the U.S.  Statistics include birth, death, marriage, family growth, and more.

Projections of Florida Population by County (2020 - 2045):  Published by the Bureau of Economic & Business Research, this population study provides population projections for the state of Florida by county. 

OECD iLibrary Statistics:  This UM database subscription, provides time series data sets (in Excel format) on the topics of economy, education, employment, environment, migration, pensions, tax, telecommunications, unemployment, and much more for numerous countries.

United Nations Population Projections:  Obtain historical and forecasting time series data on a country's population.  This site includes population data by sexes, male, female, growth rate, median age and more.  Also available are links to fertility, mortality, migration, annual and single age data. 

UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe):  Provides various data sets on the topic of a country's economy, forestry, Millenium Development goals, population, gender, and transportation.

US Aid DHS (Demographics and Health Survey) Program:  

Wordbank DataBank:  Provides a variety of time series data on numerous topics.

Business Library Hours - 305.284.6516
Business Library Hours - 305.284.6516
In-person research assistance
If you are having difficulty in locating information needed for your course project, contact the Business Library at 305.284.6516.  An appointment can be made with any member of the Business Library.

The Business Library, known as the Judi Prokop Newman Information Resource Center, is located on the 4th floor of the the Miami Business School's Aresty building.
Business Library Hours

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