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How do I install the LibX Toolbar? And what is it?

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The LibX Toolbar is the University of Miami Libraries' tool to allow you to access library resources from anywhere on the Web.

What can LibX do?

(1) Toolbar and right-click context menu

Search the IBIS catalog directly from the LibX toolbar or using the right-click context menu.


(2) Do complicated searches using multiple fields


(3) Embedded cues

LibX places the UM logo on web pages you visit. Find books through Amazon, New York Times, Google or many others and click on the logo to see if we have it. Watch this screencast for demonstrations of this cool feature. (requires Macromedia Flash Plug-in)

If we don't have that edition, you can easily check if we have another.


(4) Quick full text access to journal articles

Find descriptions of articles through your favorite web resources. Select a citation or article title, then drag-and-drop it onto the Scholar button on the toolbar. LibX uses Google Scholar to search for articles and links through to on-line copies available through the library.

You can use this feature even from inside a PDF!


(5) Off-campus access via EZProxy

Reload a page through the proxy, or follow a link via the proxy, making it appear as though you are coming from an on-campus computer.


Download Toolbars

Click here to install For Firefox Browsers

If Firefox displays a message "To protect your computer, Firefox prevented this site from installing software on your computer," press the button labeled "Edit Options..." and click "Allow" to add libx.org to the list of websites from which extensions may be installed. Then click "Ok" and visit the "Install" link again.

Click here to install For IE 7.0 Browsers (Beta)

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