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EPS 201: Psychosocial Change and Well-being

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Guide from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center
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Thisguide presents select print and electronic resources in education andpsychology, with specific respect to wellness & well-being.

Be sure to use the other tabs in the Education Guide to help you out! For example, the "Citing Sources" page lists authoritative, online web pages that provide information on how to cite sources in different formats. The "How to Find..." page will review how to find a book, how to find an article from a citation, how to distinguish between scholarly & popular sources of information, etc.

Databases: find journal articles

You can search for books using IBISWEB (the library catalog). You can also use electronic book collections such as E-brary and PsycBOOKS.

The following books are suggested reference resources (namely, subject-specific dictionaries and subject-specific dictionaries). These sources are EXCELLENT places to begin your research. A good, subject-specific encylcopedia will provide you with authoritative information and will usually point you to additional resources.

Oxford reference online
This collection contains over 100 reference books including The Dictionary of Sociology and A Dictionary of the Social Sciences.
Encyclopedia of activism and social justice
Richter reference section: HM671 .E53 2007
Encyclopedia of sociology
Richter reference section: HM 425 E5 2005

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