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Citation Management Systems

Citation (Reference) Management Systems
Managing citations (or references) for papers and other projects is very timing consuming. Citation Management Systems (software) make it much easier; electronically, they collect and organize citations, insert them right into a Word document as you write it, and create a citation list (bibliography) at the end of the document.

UM Libraries offer subscriptions to Citation Managers with the exception of Zotero (free). To create an account in one and learn more about it, see options below. They can also be accessed through the Databases A-Z list on the UM Libraries home page.
     Always create accounts, using your Cane ID.
     The words "citations" and "references" are synonymous
EndNote - both web-hosted and desktop

Download desktop version from UM InformationTechnology > Services & Products tab > Software 
  Tip: in 1st screen of Download, copy Product Key (will need later in the process)        For more help, contact Kelsa Bartley
Refworks - web-hosted only
Mendeley - both web-hosted and desktop. Also a PDF manager.
         For more help, contact Jorge Perez
Zotero - both web-hosted and desktop. Can use any email address
        For more help, contact Erica Newcome
Comparing Guides - which one?

Note: Comparing Citation Management software is finicky work. Still can't decide after checking the guides below? Experiment in one. If it doesn't meet your needs, export your citations or references into another guide. 

Wikipedia Comparison of Reference management software  (June 2022)
University of Chicago Library  Citation Management (May 2022)
Yale University Library Citation Management   (Mendeley, Endnote and Zotero) 
Penn State Uni. Libraries Citation and Writing Guides
Citations Style Guides (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turbian)  
Plagarism - how to avoid it    

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