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Banned Books Week 2018

Banned Books Week is September 23 – 29 2018.

Come to our Banned Books Read-out on Tuesday, September 25, 2018 at 2 pm in the Learning Commons Flex Space in the Otto G. Richter Library!

Do you read comics?  How about romances? Historical fiction? Nonfiction?  Chances are, you’ve read a book that’s been banned!  Writers of every race, religion, and gender identity have had their books, comics, short stories and more banned because their ideas were deemed too dangerous for the public.  Books are being banned from libraries in the United States and abroad every year.  According to the 2018 State of America's LibrarieS Report, 354 books were challenged in 2017 in libraries across the country for having offensive language, being sexually explicit, 'anti-family' and many other reasons.  Find out more about which of your favorite books or comics were banned or challenged in the last year.  Get involved!  Read dangerously!
Use the search box below to find banned books in our catalog!  Select ‘Subject’ from the drop down menu and search for ‘banned books’.  Our list keeps growing every day, so check back often!
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2018 Banned Books Week Read-out @UML!
What:  Join students and faculty reading from their favorite banned books!
Where:  Learning Commons - 1st Floor Otto G. Richter Library
When:  September 25, 2018 from 2 - 3:30 pm
2017 Most Challenged Books
Virtual Read-Out
Read dangerously!  Join the Virtual Read-out!  Take a look at the Virtual Read-out YouTube channel, featuring celebrities reading from their favorite banned book.  Want to join in?  Take a video of yourself reading aloud from a banned book and submit it online!

Banned and Challenged Music
Check out Weeks Music Library's exhibit on banned and challenged music for more information!  The exhibit will be up for the rest of the fall semester on the first floor.
Take a look at the videos below for examples of banned and challenged music.  (Note: We could not find an official video for Ice-T and Body Count's Cop Killer song, although we would have gladly included it!  Read more about the controversy in the original Rolling Stone Magazine interview.)
Online resources
Banned and Challenged Books
A website of the American Library Association Office of Intellectual Freedom




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