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Banned Books Week 2017

Banned Books Week is September 24 – September 30, 2017! 

Come to our Banned Books Read-out on Tuesday, September 26, 2-3:30 pm in the third floor conference room of Richter Library!

Do you read comics?  How about romances? Historical fiction? Nonfiction?  Chances are, you’ve read a book that’s been banned!  Writers of every race, religion, and gender identity have had their books, comics, short stories and more banned because their ideas were deemed too dangerous for the public.  Books are being banned from libraries in the United States and abroad every year.  According to the 2017 State of America's Libraries report, over 320 books were challenged in 2016 in libraries across the country for having offensive language, being sexually explicit, 'anti-family' and many other reasons.  Last year, Bill Cosby's Little Bill book series were challenged because of the criminal sexual allegations against the author.  Censorship can be against an author rather than strictly based on content. Find out more about which of your favorite books or comics were banned or challenged in the last year.  Get involved!  Read dangerously!
2016 Banned Books
2016 Banned Books
Use the search box below to find banned books in our catalog!  Select ‘Subject’ from the drop down menu and search for ‘banned books’.  Our list keeps growing every day, so check back often!
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