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Biology of oysters
Bayne, B.L. , author
London : Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, [2017]
QL430.7.09B39 2017


Diversity in coastal marine sciences: historical perspectives and contemporary research of geology, physics, chemistry, biology and remote sensing
Finkl, Charles ., 1941- editor
Cham, Switzerland: Springer,[2018]
Electronic Resource Available

The Gulf: the making of an American sea
Davis, Jack E., 1956 author
New York, NY: Liveright Publishing Corporation, [2017]
F296.D38 2017

Sustainable future for human security: environment and resources
McLellan, Benjamin, editor
Singapore: Springer [2018]
Electronic Resource Available




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Marine & Atmospheric Science
New Journals
Biologiia Moria
Publication Date: v.43:6 (November - December 2017)

Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science (series A)
Publication Date: v.41:1 (February 2018)

Publication Date: v.42:2 (June 2018)
Electronic Resource Available

Fish for the People
Publication Date: v.16:1 (2018)
Electronic Resource Available

Geofisica Internacional
Publication Date: v.55:3 (October- December 2016)
Electronic Resource Available

Hau yang yu hu chao:Oceanologia et limologia sinca
Publication Date: v.49:1 (2018)

Intrafish Aquaculture
Publication Date: 2018:Q2 (2018)

Journal of Foraminiferal Research
Publication Date: v.48:2 (2018)

Journal of Shellfish Research
Publication Date: v.37:1 (April 2018)
Electronic Resource Available

Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan
Publication Date: v.96:2 (April 2018)
Electronic Resource Available

Publication Date: v.62:1 (2018)

(MT) Marine Technology
Publication Date: July (2018)

National Geographic
Publication Date: v.234:2 (August 2018)
Electronic Resource Available

National Geographic
Publication Date: v.234:1(July 2018)
Electronic Resource available:

Natural History
Publication Date: v.126:7 (July 2018)
Electronic Resource Available

Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
Publication Date: v. 154 (2004)

Sea Technology
Publication Date: v.59:6 (June 2018)
Electronic Resource Available

Shore & Beach
Publication Date: v.86:2 (Spring 2018)

Publication Date: v.49:4 (July-August 2018)
Electronic Resource Available

World Aquaculture
Publication Date: v.49:2 (June 2018)

World Fishing & Aquaculture
Publication Date: v.67:5 (June 2018)



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Marine & Atmospheric Science

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