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A guide to cyanobactera: identification and impact

Nienaber, Mark; Steinitz-Kannan, Miriam author
Lexington, Kentucky; University Press of Kentucky
Electronic Resource Available

A research review of interventions to increaswe the persistence and resilience of coral reefs

National Academies of Science , Engineering and Medicine (U.S.) Ocean Studies Board, issuing body  Washington, DC : the National Academies Press, [2019]
QH75.N385 2019
Electronic Resource available


An Inroduction to tides
Gerkema, Theo 1965- author
Cambridge, United Kingdom; New York, NY: Cambridge University Press 2019
GC301.2.G47 2019


Climate Analysis
Ropelewski, Chester F. ; Arkin, Phillip A.

New York, NY, USA  Cambridge University Press, 2019.
QC981 .R66 2019

Eco-responsible cities and the global ocean: geostrategic shifts and the sustainability trilemma

Mega, Voula author
Cham, Switzerland: Springer, 2019
Electronic Resource Available

From the mountains to the abyss: the California borderlands as an archive of Southern California geologic evolution
Gorsline, Donn S., honoree; Marsaglia, Kathleen M., editor; Schwalbach, Jon R., editor; Behl, Richard J., editor;  Broken Arrow, Oklahoma : SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology), [2019]
QE350.42.N65 F76 2019

Geologic problem solving with microfossils IV
SEPM Special Publication No. 111
QE719.G464 2019

Ocean outbreak: contronting the rising tide of marine disease
Harvell C. Drew, author; Proquest (Firm)
Oakland, california: University of California Press, (2019)
Electronic Access

Plastic Pollution
Healey, Justin, editor; Proquest
Tirroul, NSW: The Spnney Press, (2019)
Electronic Resource

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Marine & Atmospheric Science
New Journals
Bulletin of Marine Science
Publication Date: v. 95:4 (October 2019)
Electronic Resource Available

Bulletin of the National Museum of Nture and Science Series A (Zoology)
Publication Date: v.44:1,2,4 (2019)
Electronic Resource Available

Bulletin of the Plankton Society of Japan
Publication Date: v. 66:2 (2019)

Bulletin  World Meteorological Organization
Publication Date: v. 68:1 (2019)

California Fish and Game
Publication Date: v.105:3 (2019)
Electronic Rresource Available

Fish Farming News
Publication Date: v.26:3 2019
Hai yang kʻo hsüeh = Marine science
Publication Date: V.43:4 (2019)

Journal of Aquaculture in the Tropics
Publication Date: v.34:1-2 (2019)
Electronic Rresource Available

Journal of Foraminiferal Research
Publication Date: v.49:3 ( 2019)

IntraFish Aquaculture
Publication Date: Q4  2019

Law of the Sea Bulletin
Publicaton Date: v.97-98 (2019)
Electronic Resource Available

Marine Biodiversity
Publication Date: v.49:4 (August 2019)
Electronic Resource Available

(mt) Marine Technology
Publication Date: v.49:4 (August 2019)

Publication Date: v.62:2  (2019)

National Fisherman
Publication Date: 166:6 (October 2019)
Electronic Resource Available

National Geographic
Publication Date: v.236:4 (September 2019)
Electronic Resource Available

Natural History
Publication Date: v.127:9 (October 2019)
Electronic Resource Available

Publication Date:v.61:3  (2019)

Oceanologia et Limnology SInica: Hai yang yu hu chao
Publication Date: v.50:3 (2019)

Papeis auvlsos e zoologia
Publication Date:v.61:2  (2019)

Sea Technology
Publication Date:v.60:7  (July 2019)
Electronic Resource Available

Shore & Beach
Publication Date: v.87:2 (Spring 2019)

Publication Date: v.50:6 (October 2019)
Electronic Resource Available

Tropical Fish Hobbyist
Publication Date:v.68:2 (November/December 2019)

World Aquaculture
Publication Date:v.50:3 (September  2019)

World Fishing & Aquaculture
Publication Date: v.68:7 (September 2019)



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Marine & Atmospheric Science

Banned Books Week at University of Miami Libraries

The University of Miami libraries (UML) will be hosting a week of activities and advocacy, including a Read-Out of previously banned or challenged works, so be sure join us in celebrating free speech and the right to read. 
Starting September 22, look around the library for books that have been challenged or banned—you may be surprised by some of the titles that you'll find.
Also, UM's Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society will be hosting a Banned Books Week event on Friday, September 27 from 5 to 7 p.m. The event will take place in 314 Ballroom West at the Shalala Student Center.

Check out our Guide to Banned Books Week to learn more about what happens when a book is challenged.

Exercise your right to read—check out a banned book from UML!

Banned and Challenged works in Science

An Inconvenient truth

Al Gore
QC981.8.G56 2006 DVD
QC918.8.G56 G668 2007 Book

2007 - The documentary was challenged in the UK by a Kent school govenor to block plans for the movie to be screened by secondary schools in England and Wales, the judge ruled that it was a politiacl film but declined to ban the film from British schools and ruled that it could only be shown with guidance to prevent political indoctrination. (click hyperlink for more information)

Karen Arms and Pamela S Camp
QH308.2.A75 1987

1985 Garland Independent School District, Texas withdrew its recommendation for the use of this text due to " overerly explicit diagrams of sexual organs, intricate discussion of sexual stimulation and the implication of abortion as means of bith control" (click hyperlink for more information)

On the orgin of Species
Charles Darwin
Electronic resource available
QH365.O2 1979

Darwin's work has a long history of being  banned : (click hyperlink for more information)
1859 - Trinity College , Cambridge
1925 - Tennessee school board
1935 - Yugoslavia
1937 - Greee
1980 - Arkansas and Louisiana state boards of educaiton

Silent Spring
Rachel Carson

Silent spring was released in 1962 and met with much public interest and criticisms.  Her ideas and research were called upon to tesify at congressional hearings on pesticides.  (click hyperlink for more information)


Erasmus Darwin
Electronic resource available
QP29.D22 1974

1817 - Banned for religious resons by the Roman Catholic Church (click hyperlink for more information)



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