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1 There seem to be a lot of ants on the desks in the second floor this summer. No matter where I sit there is bound to be an ant walking on or around the desk. I had never noticed this as an issue within the past two years of being a student. Any way to fix this?
Comment from on Jul 25 2017

rbeiro@miami.eduThank you for bringing this to our attention, we have already notified Facilities re. this matter and they will be fumigating the area to have the ants removed. Roca M. Beiro

Answered by Roca Beiro, Facilities Manager

2 It seems like there has been an increase in the number of dogs seen in the library. These dogs do not appear to be service animals. What is the policy about pets in the library?
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 19 2017

cgowing@miami.eduHi-  Yes, we've noticed the same thing this year.  We've spoken with the Office of Disability Services to clarify the University's policy on service animals.   Service dogs are defined as those "specially trained to assist persons with visual disabilities, hearing impairments, or mobility impairments by performing specific tasks."   Service dogs often wear some sort of special collar, vest, or harness, but they are not required to do so.  UM Libraries welcomes service animals in all of our libraries.

Assistance animals (e.g. emotional support animals) are only allowed in the owner's campus residence and are not allowed in the Libraries or other campus buildings.    We will  review our signage over the summer and work with our staff to address instances where patrons wish to bring a dog into the library.

You can see the University's policy on Service and Assistance Animals at:

Answered by Cheryl Gowing, Associate Dean, Library Information Systems & Access