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1 I just made a request on a book but now I want to cancel my request, how do I do that? Thanks!
Comment from on Aug 11 2017

dennis.smith@miami.eduHey Kaming Lo,
To cancel a request, go to the library website:  HTTP://, selected the Account+ from the far right of the menu bar.  Then log into MyLibrary.  Once you log in, select the Account Icon in the top right corner (looks like a person).  This will show you everything about your library account including your requests.  You can then cancel any requests from that page.
Dennis Smith
Head of Access Services

Answered by Dennis Smith, Head of Access Services

2 There seem to be a lot of ants on the desks in the second floor this summer. No matter where I sit there is bound to be an ant walking on or around the desk. I had never noticed this as an issue within the past two years of being a student. Any way to fix this?
Comment from on Jul 25 2017

rbeiro@miami.eduThank you for bringing this to our attention, we have already notified Facilities re. this matter and they will be fumigating the area to have the ants removed. Roca M. Beiro

Answered by Roca Beiro, Facilities Manager

3 It seems like the secondary floor of library is quiet space and for study. People from Cuban Heritage place come out and always talk in a loud voice. Is that a quiet place or talking is permitted
Comment from Anonymous on Jul 21 2017

bskokan@miami.eduThank you for bringing the issue of noise on the second floor to our attention. We have spoken to the staff and will also alert our visitors and patrons leaving the Cuban Heritage Collection that they are transitioning into a"Quiet Zone."  I can't promise that you will hear no noise because the floor is deemed a "quiet zone" and not a "silent zone" but we will redouble our efforts to be mindfull of the need for quiet as staff and other patrons leave and enter that space.

Answered by Beatrice Skokan, Interim Esperanza B. de Varona Chair

4 like the addition of the newspaper and magazine racks by the entrance.
Comment from Anonymous on Jun 10 2017

kelly.miller@miami.eduThank you for sharing your positive thoughts with us! Let us know if there are particular newspapers and magazines you most enjoy reading in the UM Libraries.

Answered by Kelly Miller, Associate Dean, Learning & Research Services

5 Hi, my name is Erika I am Doctoral student at the graduate study room trying to use a computer to work on a presentation and projects but it's not connecting to the Internet Can you please help? Thank you Erika
Comment from on May 06 2017

lbaker@miami.eduGreetings, Erika!  I'm sorry that the computer you are using is not connecting to the Internet, especially during this high pressure time at the end of the semester.  The next time this happens, please let the staff member at the Information & Research Desk on the first floor know, and that person will trouble shoot and/or report the issue.  I will send a staff member to the Graduate Study Room to take a look.

Answered by Lisa Baker, Head, Richter Learning & Research Services

6 It seems like there has been an increase in the number of dogs seen in the library. These dogs do not appear to be service animals. What is the policy about pets in the library?
Comment from Anonymous on Apr 19 2017

cgowing@miami.eduHi-  Yes, we've noticed the same thing this year.  We've spoken with the Office of Disability Services to clarify the University's policy on service animals.   Service dogs are defined as those "specially trained to assist persons with visual disabilities, hearing impairments, or mobility impairments by performing specific tasks."   Service dogs often wear some sort of special collar, vest, or harness, but they are not required to do so.  UM Libraries welcomes service animals in all of our libraries.

Assistance animals (e.g. emotional support animals) are only allowed in the owner's campus residence and are not allowed in the Libraries or other campus buildings.    We will  review our signage over the summer and work with our staff to address instances where patrons wish to bring a dog into the library.

You can see the University's policy on Service and Assistance Animals at:

Answered by Cheryl Gowing, Associate Dean, Library Information Systems & Access

7 Does UM have a complete list of all the academic journals to which the university subscribes? It would be incredibly convenient to be able to quickly navigate past paywalls on sites like PNAS, Science Magazine, and Nature when teaching English 107 classes for the College of Engineering or RSAMaS. Please do e-mail me if you can help me out!
Comment from on Feb 14 2017

d.roose@miami.eduFor e-journal coverage information, select the “E-journals” link on the Library home page.  Then within uSearch, search for a specific e-journal by title.  Clicking the “Find Online” button will then display our online coverage for that title, along with all available access links.

Answered by Daniel E. Roose, Head, Acquisitions

Comment from on Feb 14 2017

cgowing@miami.eduHi -  All UM alumnus are eligible to access two specialized research databases, Academic Search Alumni Edition and Business Source Alumni Edition.    Both require a special username and password, obtainable via the  UM Alumni Association.   You can get more information about this services, as well as a link to obtain a password via the UM Alumni Association at:

Our license agreements prohibit the Libraries from providing alumni remote access to all of our licensed electronic resources, however these two special subscriptions have been created to allow some continued access to electronic content for alumni.    If you live in the area, you can gain entrance to Richter Library by showing your UM Alumni Cane Card or Alumni Association Card, then obtain a temporary code to use our public computers to access all of the Libraries' electronic resources.

Answered by Cheryl Gowing, Associate Dean, Library Information Systems & Access