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Is there wireless access in the Libraries?

Wireless access to library resources, services, and the internet is available on the Coral Gables campus through the Wireless Canes Network.  

University of Miami students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to register their mobile devices on the Wireless Canes Network, as this will provide a greater bandwidth and access speed.   Registered UM users will also be able to access licensed library resources without needing to authenticate. 

Wireless Canes Guest access is available to visitors to the Coral Gables campus.   Guest access provides internet access in 2-hour sessions with limited bandwidth.   Access is not available to licensed library resources.

Wireless Printing to library printers is available through UPrint, but requires the download of UPrint drivers.   Instructions for wireless printing are found on the UPrint Mobile page.

Consult the Wireless Canes FAQs for additional information.